Edge AI

Processing solutions for AI at the edge addressing the design stack and middleware across multiple industrial sectors including mobility, digital industry, energy, agri-food and environmental protection and digital society

Our Expertise and Resources

Core Competencies:

  • Human Factors and Ergonomics: We specialize in enhancing user trust, acceptance, and the integration of safety, comfort, and productivity in the workplace, focusing on the ergonomic design of systems.
  • Human-Machine Interaction (HMI): Our team is adept in developing strategies for effective interactions between humans and automated systems, including robots, ensuring seamless integration into daily operations.
  • System Usability and Accessibility: We excel in identifying and overcoming human-related barriers to the adoption of edge AI technologies, prioritizing ergonomic and intuitive design to improve user experience.

Challenges and Solutions in System Design:

  • Identification of Human-Centric Challenges: We address issues such as the lack of mode awareness and the difficulty users face in tracking and anticipating behaviors of highly automated systems due to suboptimal interface design.
  • Development of Ergonomic Solutions: We focus on creating solutions that enhance workers' acceptance and behavioral adaptation to new technologies, emphasizing ease of use and minimal cognitive load.

Project Contributions:

  • Human-Centered Design: We employ strategies that are centered around human needs and capabilities, particularly in the context of AI-driven anomaly detection in manufacturing.
  • Behavioral and Interaction Models: We develop models of worker behavior that consider individual differences, such as gender and age, and create patterns for effective human-machine interaction.
  • Optimized Task Allocation: We devise strategies for task allocation and planning that improve human-machine collaboration, ensuring that AI systems enhance productivity without compromising safety or comfort.
  • Intuitive Interfaces for Human-Machine Interaction (HMI): We design intuitive interfaces that facilitate seamless and effective cooperation between humans and AI systems, particularly in complex manufacturing environments.
  • Impact Evaluation: We assess the impact of AI and human-machine collaboration on worker satisfaction and organizational performance, focusing on efficiency, effectiveness, and safety.

Through these contributions, our group ensures that edge AI applications, especially those used for anomaly detection in manufacturing, are not only technologically advanced but are also designed with a strong emphasis on human factors, ultimately leading to enhanced workplace safety and productivity