for sustainable mobility

In your daily commute from home to work/university and whenever you have to travel around, remember that there are good habits that benefit not only the environment but also your own health and safety.

use your car as little as possible

  • if you have to make short trips, do it on foot or by bicycle
  • reduce your use of private transport as much as possible by taking public transport, which has a lower environmental impact (buses and trains)
  • use shared transport methods such as car-pooling and car-sharing

and if you do use a car

  • accelerate gently
  • keep your speed as steady as possible
  • avoid sudden and abrupt braking
  • avoid revving the engine and unnecessary gear changes
  • don’t keep the engine idling unnecessarily when making a short stop
  • keep your tyres at the correct pressure and change the oil at the right time
  • don’t leave the luggage rack attached when not in use and don’t weigh the car down by transporting unnecessary items
  • use electrical devices only for as long as necessary
  • use underground parking, to free up spaces at street level

in addition...

  • get used to taking the stairs and use the elevator less