Fattoria Unibo

The conversion of land into allotments and gardens for the university community.


The “Fattoria Unibo” (UniBo Farm) project makes land available for conversion into vegetable gardens for the university community. The objective of this initiative is to promote a participatory model of 'leisure agriculture', by regenerating physical and relational assets. Specifically, the University of Bologna Experimental Farm (AUB) provides 6,000 square metres of land on the Poggiolina farm in Ozzano Emilia for use as allotments by the university community. AUB is set to invite applications for around 120 allotments measuring 50 m2 each. An area this size is sufficient to produce food for 4-5 people.


The project was approved by the BoD on 24 July and the service provider will be determined by a tender process. The contract specifications currently being drafted envisage the allocation of 60 allotments to students and 60 to staff. These quotas will be relaxed if any allotments remain unclaimed. Users who sign up to the service will be assigned an allotment for one year and will have to pay an annual fee to the University of Bologna Experimental Farm. All allotment produce will be owned by the service user, who will be able to suggest vegetable and flower species for cultivation, and get instructions and information from AUB staff to improve the crops and adapt them to their own needs. The allotment/garden management courses will be accompanied by training courses, demo events and public participation.