The mobility questionnaire for commuting between home and work/study

Every year, all students and all teaching and administrative staff are invited to participate in the online survey regarding mobility habits for commuting between home and work/study.

The questionnaire delves into one's commute in detail, including the route taken, any mode changes, time spent, costs, personal considerations regarding the advantages and disadvantages of the modes used, habits and changes over time, personal needs, opinions about different modes of transportation and the opportunities offered by one's university and the local community, as well as overall satisfaction with the commutes.

The goal is to understand the dynamics of our commutes and identify areas for improvement to best meet all needs. The data collected will have a significant impact, contributing to the definition of the "Home-Work Commute Plan," in accordance with Ministerial Decree No. 179 of May 12, 2021. Additionally, they will serve as a valuable foundation for the design of university mobility services.

The involvement of the entire community is essential for the success of this initiative.