Guide to cycling in the city

Tips and rules for safe cycling.

Are you a regular cyclist or an occasional cyclist? Do you use a bike only to travel to your place of study/work or also in your spare time? Whenever you travel by bicycle do you feel invisible to other road users?

In all cases, we suggest you read up on the cycling rules and tips to ensure the safety of yourself and others. Download the following documents to learn about correct road cycling behaviours and knowledge:

  • Unibike presentation, with suggestions on where to purchase bikes safely, where to park, how to protect your bike from theft and the possibility of combining cycling with other transport;
  • "Safe cycling" manual, with standards, technical information and advice from mechanics and cyclists.

Also visit Una città amica della bici (“A bike-friendly city”) to check out the Bologna "Tour.Bo" cycle lane maps and discover the Municipality of Bologna’s services for cyclists.


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