The milestones of the Energy Plan 2024-2030

In 2024, the plan foresees an investment of €4.4 million, which will cover the initiation of all planning for the following interventions:

  • Enhancement of photovoltaic systems (approximately 5.4 MWp)
  • Relamping of external and internal lighting
  • Enhancement of the University's Building Management System (BMS)
  • Management measures and external consultancy to obtain UNI ISO EN 50001 certification
  • Energy diagnostics functional to participation in upcoming tenders for energy efficiency

By the first semester of 2024, tenders will be published for the installation of the first batch of photovoltaic systems and for the relamping of external lighting systems of the buildings.

In 2025, an additional €4.5 million will allow for the continuation of photovoltaic system installations, external and internal relamping, and the enhancement of the University's BMS.

By 2025, the phase-out of oil-fired and fuel oil central heating systems (Milestone M1) and total relamping of external areas (Milestone M2) will be completed; in 2026, the relamping of internal areas (Milestone M3) will be completed, while in 2027, the installation of 5.4 MWp of new photovoltaic systems (Milestone M4), UNI EN ISO 50001 certification of the University (Milestone M5), replacement of all gas boilers, and registration in the regional CRITER register of all University heating systems (Milestone M6) will be completed. Additionally, the installation of submeters for measuring the electricity consumed by individual buildings sharing the same meter (POD) will be completed in medium-voltage switchboards.

Starting from 2026, the planning of new requalification interventions in buildings with poorly thermally insulated envelopes and/or problematic summer performances will begin. The planning may be anticipated to 2024-2025 if specific tenders for energy efficiency of public buildings (or specifically for university buildings) are issued in the coming months. The requalification works will be completed by 2030 (Milestone M7).

By 2029, the photovoltaic system control systems will also be enhanced, and older solar panels will be replaced to ensure a high level of performance in all owned PV systems (Milestone M8).

By 2030, all University central heating systems will be connected to the University's BMS (Milestone M9).

In the last period from 2027 to 2030, in addition to the realization of additional requalification interventions designed in the first period, based on the timings imposed by the Directives, there will be a progressive electrification of central heating systems through the replacement of gas boilers with heat pumps (Milestone M10). Where replacement is not possible, buildings will be connected to the urban heating network if present.

The full document 'University Energy Plan' is available for consultation on this page.