A project for secondary school students to address sustainability issues.

  • Date:

    17 DECEMBER 2021
    05 APRIL 2022
  • Event location: Istituto Aldini-Valeriani - Bologna - In presence and online event

The initiative was implemented through a PCTO project (PCTO stands for “Paths for educational and career guidance and for the acquisition of transferable skills”) aimed at acquiring transferable and guidance skills, which involved 148 third- and fourth-year students of the “Aldini Valeriani” secondary school in Bologna, with 25 hours of activities in total carried out between December 2021 and April 2022.

The project revolved around an actual film festival that was held at the school. Before the festival, a guidance session took place, during which the programme catalogue of the University of Bologna was presented, also as a way of helping students to choose a university career. 

For each screening, a teacher/researcher from the University of Bologna gave a presentation in order to encourage the young audience to reflect on and discuss the issues at hand, providing input and specific contents, which were later explored in detail at school and developed into a series of individual and group project works. Such works were then presented by the students during the final event of the project.  

The aim of the programme, which attracted the interest of students, who were actively engaged and showed their appreciation, was to enable a large group of young people to become “ambassadors” for environmental issues at their school. Such ambassadors are tasked with promoting dialogue among their classmates, providing them with concrete outputs based on their work and drawing on their creativity: video documentaries, models, social media pages on the topic, posters, comic strips, and graphic representations. In one specific case, the young authors intended to give continuity to the work they had done by launching a project of their own entitled “A che costo” (At what cost) with the aim of raising awareness, through social media, of the environmental cost of current consumer patterns.

A wide range of topics were covered, from fast fashion to food, but also plastic and microplastic pollution. In addition, relevant suggestions on the language of film were made to communicate sustainability issues, especially through documentaries, which the students were able to draw on for their works. 

The project is an initiative of the Construction and Sustainability Division, organised in collaboration with the Department of Arts and the AFORM Guidance Unit.

Go to the AlmaOrienta page of the NastroVerde@Scuola PCTO project.



1st Meeting

Welcoming module for transferable and guidance skills                           


2nd Meeting

Title: The True Cost 

Directed by: Andrew Morgan, Genre: Documentary, Year: 2015, Origin: USA, Duration: 92’  

Topic “From fast fashion to slow fashion: switching to an ethical circular fashion”: Roberta Paltrinieri, Professor of Sociology of Consumption - Unibo

Cinema: Mr Samuele Picarelli Perrotta, PhD student in Visual, Performing and Media Arts - Unibo


3rd Meeting

Title: FOOD Inc.

Directed by: Robert Kenner, Genre: Documentary, Year 2008, Origin: USA, Duration: 94’

Topic “Food and Sustainability”: Mr Stefano Spillare, Researcher in Sociology of Cultural and Communicative Processes - Unibo           


4th Meeting

Title: A plastic Ocean

Directed by: Craig Leeson, Genre: Documentary, Year: 2017, Origin: UK, Hong Kong, Duration: 102’

Topic “Pollution from plastics and microplastics”: Professor Silvia Franzellitti - Unibo; Ms Giorgia Palladino - Unibo


5th Meeting

Submission of Project works


Coordinated by: Antonella Giliberti (Construction and Sustainability Division)