GOAL Survey - Get involved and value the University’s areas

Students become protagonists of change through the identification of areas of the University to be enhanced

  • Date:

    18 MAY
    30 JUNE 2021
     from 9:00 to 18:00

Let's live our spaces again!

The Alma Mater inhabits a house of considerable size both in terms of space and in terms of territorial distribution, which represents a common good for its entire community. Thanks to the EXTRA project, the University promotes and implements the development of green areas. The main objective is to enhance the green as a necessary element to increase the quality of life in university spaces.

With the aim of ensuring the best possible use of the spaces of our community, the students of the Green Office of the Alma Mater have proposed to develop a mapping of the areas of the University that are perceived as to be enhanced by the student community in order to live them more fully.

Participate and fill out the questionnaire with ideas and proposals on spaces to be recovered, furnished or simply made accessible.

At the end of the questionnaire, the areas identified as most interesting will be the subject of a dedicated contest, based on the proposal of original redevelopment projects.