Sustainability Rankings

Rankings dedicated to environmental, social, cultural, and economic themes that compare universities globally, in Europe, and nationally.

What are sustainability rankings?

Like other rankings, these are lists of global universities compiled by private agencies or by universities and research centers themselves.
These rankings are based on data from public sources and information requested from participating universities.
While rankings may not fully reflect the complex reality of academic institutions due to various factors (such as the changing number of universities evaluated for each ranking, indicators used, and weights assigned to them, etc.), they are increasingly consulted because they provide a national and international overview of universities on sustainability-related topics.

Sustainability has three main rankings that compare universities' commitment in environmental (building care, greenery, health), social (e.g., gender equality awareness), cultural (courses on environmental topics, cultural activities), and economic (research funding in sustainability, Sustainability sector start-ups):


  • UI Greenmetric - World University Rankings
    The University of Bologna has secured the 12th position in the global ranking that analyzes universities' commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship, maintaining its 1st position in the national ranking for the seventh consecutive year
  • The Impact - Rankings
    The University of Bologna's new ranking in the global assessment of universities regarding the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) places it at the 23rd position worldwide, 2nd in the European Union, and 1st in Italy.
  • QS Sustanaibility
    The University of Bologna's new ranking in sustainability, social impact, and environmental impact places it at the 108th position globally, 49th in the European Union, and 1st in Italy.