Heraklion Workshop 2023

The INSCRIBE team, in collaboration with the Heraklion Archaeological Museum, is excited to announce the Workshop dedicated to the latest research on Cretan hieroglyphic script and Linear A.
The conference on "New Prospects on the Aegean Undeciphered Scripts: Cretan Hieroglyphic and Linear A" will take place on September 23, 2023 in the Events Hall of the Heraklion Archaeological Museum. Recent studies will be presented, which help to shed light on the two oldest writing systems of Minoan Crete by focusing on the epigraphic, linguistic and contextual aspects of written language.

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"La Fabuleuse Histoire de l'invention de l'écriture", Silvia Ferrara - éd. du Seuil

  • Cypro-Minoan

  • Cypro-Minoan Tablet

  • Close-up of Tablet

  • Cypro-Minoan Tablets

  • Cypro-Minoan clay balls

  • Ugarit, Cypro-Minoan

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