The Aesthetics of Scripts Workshop 2024

The INSCRIBE team, in collaboration with the ERC WRITE project, is excited to announce the Workshop dedicated to the aesthetics of scripts.
The event on "The Aesthetics of Scripts. The Intersection of Form, Perception, and Meaning" will take place on June 7, 2024 in the Sala Poeti of Palazzo Hercolani, Bologna. Experts in aesthetics, art history, ancient writing, and modern and contemporary forms of calligraphy will discuss the role of aesthetics and cultural significance of writing, with a special focus on the Chinese script.

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Nature Italy

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"La Fabuleuse Histoire de l'invention de l'écriture", Silvia Ferrara - éd. du Seuil

  • Cypro-Minoan

  • Cypro-Minoan Tablet

  • Close-up of Tablet

  • Cypro-Minoan Tablets

  • Cypro-Minoan clay balls

  • Ugarit, Cypro-Minoan

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