SCRIBO Seminars 2021





SCRIBO is back, with a new Series of Seminars for 2021.





The INSCRIBE Team- The Mathematical Values of Fraction Signs in the Linear A Script

Rostislav Oreshko

Ninth SCRIBO 2021, with Rostislav Oreshko, on Hieroglyphic Writing in Anatolia, Origin and Early Stages of Development (II millennium B.C.)

Albert Davletshin

Eighth SCRIBO 2021, with Albert Davletshin 'Olmecs & the origin of writing in Mesoamerica: what can we see?'

Karenleigh Overmann

Seventh SCRIBO 2021, with Karenleigh Overmann 'Updating the concrete-abstract distinction' and the evolution of ancient numbers.

Nicoletta Momigliano

Sixth SCRIBO 2021, with Nicoletta Momigliano 'In Search of Labyrinths and Scripts: Aegean Bronze Age Writings in Modern Art, Literature, Music, and Other Cultural Practices'

Torsten Meissner

Fifth SCRIBO 2021, with Torsten Meissner "Some Thoughts on Cretan Hieroglyphic".

Aaron J. Koller

Fourth SCRIBO 2021, with Aaron J. Koller "The invention of words in alphabetic writing".

Sarah Finlayson

Third SCRIBO 2021, with Sarah Finlayson on "Looking for Readers in the Bronze Age Aegean".

Paola Demattè

Second SCRIBO 2021, with Paola Demattè on "The Origins of Chinese Writing: an Alternative View".

Louis Godart

A brand new SCRIBO Season! Louis Godart opened it and premiered the new corpus of Linear B inscription from Pylos. More videos on our INSCRIBE YouTube Channel.