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The PhDs positions have now closed. Winners announced soon!


1. One PhD position, fully funded for three years, on the undeciphered Aegean writing system of the 2nd millennium BC (Cretan hieroglyphic, Linear A and Cypro-Minoan scripts), related to their Archaeology, Philology, Epigraphy and Palaeography.


2. One PhD position, fully funded for three years, on Computational Linguistics: Deep learning and machine-based technologies applied to the undeciphered Aegean scripts of the second millennium B.C. (Cretan hieroglyphic, Linear A and Cypro-Minoan)

Deadline for applications: **15th May 2019, 1pm.** To apply follow the links (on the right, both in It and in Eng) and read the CALL for application closely.

We also would like to flag an additional opportunity:


  1. When submitting their application to the PhD Programme, non-Italian citizens residing abroad and holding a Master’s degree granted by a foreign University can simultaneously apply for one of the 4 fellowships offered by the Institute of Advanced Studies (PhD@ISA). Please read Art 10 of the CALL.

    The PhD@ISA fellowship provides free accommodation in a single studio apartment in the Residenza Irnerio in Piazza Vittorio Puntoni 1. 

    To participate in the PhD@ISA selection, applicants must attach to their online application the following documents:

    a.  motivation letter

    b.  research project

    c.  list of scientific publications (if any).