National and international exchange

Agreements, hospitality and grants to support international mobility.

The Collegio Superiore recognises the importance of an international and interdisciplinary education. For this reason, the Collegio promotes and encourages mobility through a network of agreements with other national and international schools of excellence, the provision of scholarships and financial contributions, and hosting of teachers and personalities from the academic and cultural world.

Exchanges with other Schools of Excellence

In keeping with the goals of offering its students an education oriented towards excellence and multidisciplinarity, the Collegio Superiore has entered into exchange agreements with other Italian and international schools of excellence.
Collegiate students may therefore submit an application to spend a period of study at:


The Collegio Superiore has an agreement with IUSS Pavia for the joint project Social Business Change (from AYAY 2021/22), an opportunity for Collegiate students and students of the University of Bologna to participate in training and workshops aimed at identifying and developing ideas with potential entrepreneurial impact, using the equipment of the Makerspace of the University ALMALABOR.

International Mobility Grants

Every year the Collegio Superiore awards scholarships to Collegiate students who wish to travel abroad to carry out educational or research activities aimed at preparing their thesis.

The Alumni Association of the Collegio Superiore also contributes to encouraging international mobility of Collegiate students by granting two annual scholarships (Alumni Collegio Superiore).