• Collegio Superiore

Collegio Superiore is an institution of excellence that offers an interdisciplinary education to selected students enrolled in a degree program at the University of Bologna.

Educational Offering 2021-2022

There are two disciplinary areas in Collegio Superiore: the humanistic-economic area and the technical-scientific area. The didactic offering is structured into integrated courses, seminars, ISA Lectures and in-depth projects. Check out the offering for 2021-2022!

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Stories from Collegio Superiore

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Opening of the Psychological Support Desk for the Collegio Superiore (SSPCS)

The new psychological support desk for the students of the Collegio Superiore is open, in collaboration with the University Service and Prof. Elena Trombini, Dean of Students and Professor of Psychology. The support will consist of some initial meetings to assess the need and subsequent interviews to support the issues raised.

Contacts: psi.sspcs@unibo.it
Location: Department of Psychology - via Filippo Re 10 or online through Microsoft Teams.

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