Tutors of the Collegio

Tutors are professors and researchers of the University of Bologna who follow the students during their education and guarantee a direct link between the Collegio and the Departments and Courses of Study.

Tutors have very specific tasks and must commit themselves to:

  • following the student in their activities for the duration of the course of study. Moreover, they must support and advise the student on international mobility (where applicable), the choice of extra-curricular educational activities; suggest their participation in summer schools or conferences relevant to the student's interests
  • meet with the student at least twice a year and prepare an annual report
  • participate in Collegio activities including Collegio Scientific Council meetings and other cultural and organisational activities
  • propose, on an annual basis, a seminar for possible inclusion in the educational offerings of the Collegio's educational programming
  • be available to participate in the Selection Committee for admission to the Collegio Superiore, at least once in their term of office