Compiling the study plan

The study plan is the set of all the exams students must take in order to graduate.

Presentation of the study plan

Collegiates must fill in the Collegio Superiore’s study plan by connecting to Studenti Online.
The study plan must be submitted between the 10th and the 17th of October.

Modification of the study plan

To modify the study plan, Collegiates have to connect to Studenti Online during the available time frames (from the 31st of January to the 15th of February. and from the 1st of May to the 15th of May).
To obtain the permission to modify the study plan the Tutor’s approval is required, by sending an email with the institutional address, Cc’ing the Secretariat of the Collegio Superiore and specifying the required modifications and the reasons.

The email of approval from the Tutor, containing their positive opinion on the specific changes proposed to the study plan, must be forwarded to the Secretariat no later than the deadline for the study plan modification.

If someone is interested in modifying the study plan by inserting an integrated course or a lecture with limited number of participants, prior to proceeding with the modification the Collegiate must contact the Collegio Superiore‘s Secretariat in order to obtain the authorisation, which will be given until all available seats are taken, following the chronological order of requests.
Priority will be given to the Collegiates choosing the activity as mandatory credit rather than those choosing it as extra-credit.

Replacement of educational activities of the Collegio Superiore

It is possible to request the replacement of the educational activities included in the study plan by submitting the form present on this page. The number of credits to be obtained at the host structure must be equal to or greater than the number of credits of the educational activity to be replaced (subsequently, the number of hours will also be compared). To replace a course of the Collegio for which a graded exam is provided, in addition to verifying the number of ECTS and hours of frontal teaching, it is necessary to identify a course that allows obtaining a final grade. To replace the lectures, one must identify activities at the end of which a final evaluation of eligibility, and not just a confirmation of attendance, must be obtained.