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Training Objectives (TOs):


To set up a double-degree doctoral network for triple-i research & training, focusing on developing advanced drug discovery and delivery techniques and pre-clinical molecular validation toward AD clinical translation.


To provide double-degree training for developing polymaths with broad and interdisciplinary knowledge/skills in the fields of life sciences, physical sciences, and engineering (including data science), healthcare and business studies. Their open-minded profiles resulting from such double degrees will make them able to work in multicultural teams and face global challenges, giving them a head-start and a competitive edge to meet their future career challenges.


To provide specialized network training on entrepreneurship coupled with secondment opportunities at industrial, clinical and international partners to develop the fellows’ creative & innovative thinking, and build-up business-oriented mindsets.


To provide a series of local and network-wide training events to train the DCs to develop fundamental and complementary transferable knowledge, skillset, and well-rounded behavior (including a peculiar dementia-friendly attitude instilled by the participating Alzheimer’s patient association FAI), which are highly requested by different industries and sectors.


To establish Career Development Plans (CDPs), containing all the necessary actions towards DCs’ career goals, including training in time management, leadership & teamwork, communication skills, publication planning, thus greatly enhancing their employability.