Kick off meeting

Kick-off meeting

All PIs from beneficiaries will meet at this first meeting at UNIBO to increase their reciprocal knowledge, establish the TClock4AD training network and the double degree arrangements, management & training activities, recruitment strategy, as well as to discuss network events. ( ✔  held on March 14-15, 2023)

Residential workshop – State-of-the art of drug development for AD

State-of-the art of drug development for AD

This 3-day workshop is intended to get all the involved DCs familiar with the state-of-the-art of the interdisciplinary science & technologies that TClock4AD needs. Discussed topics will include clinical AD diagnosis and treatment, drug discovery & validation, in silico drug design, clinical trials, nanocarriers-based drug delivery, microfluidics and dynamic cultures, animal and 3D models of AD, big data analysis. Lectures will be given by TClock4AD members, as well as by invited speakers outside the consortium. USC will organize this event.

Summer school on public engagement and dissemination

Summer school on public engagement and dissemination

 This 2-day summer school is intended to train DCs in toolsto engage the wider community (from professionalsto the general public), including social media contents, YouTube videoclips, open day events, TV interviews and newspaper articles and make them active player in TClock4AD dissemination. This will be organized by IRFMN and supported by IMDEA. Clust-ER will provide an interactive and updated vision of modern communication techniques in the pharma sector. Expertsfrom FAI and SheIs will deliver relevant training on “dementia-friendly” dissemination and women’s role in science/innovation and tools for a healthy work environment free from gender and unconscious bias, respectively.

Research symposium with industry & business incubator as well as training in transferable skills

Research symposium with industry & business incubator, as well as training in transferable skills

 This event has two parts. The first 2-day workshop organized by the industry beneficiary (BIOFAB) will provide the training & practice in research innovation and entrepreneurship skills with tutorials/seminars on IPR management & knowledge transfer (supported by Clust-ER and UNIBO KTO office), career development, company structures and spinoff creation (supported by NBD, Circ, AKPH, BioT, Cyanagen). External speakers from the venture capital investment experts and specialists in business incubation will be invited. The second 2-day workshop is about transferable skills training organized by IMDEA. This workshop will include experiment design and interpretation, presentation skills, time management, how to write scientific papers. It will be open to all researchers outside this DN to maximize the knowledge-sharing among wider communities.

PhD conference on drug development for AD

PhD conference on drug development for AD

 This 3-day PhD conference will be organized by the DCs with the support of SB to present their up-to-date outcomes and invite relevant speakers from outside. The conference will be open to all PhD researchers in relevant fields and is expected to have about 70 participants. By organizing this event, DCs will gain crucial research/project management skills through event organization, communication and time management. This event will be hosted at FORTH.

Joint international conference with AAT-AD/PD society

Joint conference with AD/PD

 AAT-AD/PD ( conferences have been notable for an excellent programme that balances cutting-edge scientific research and advanced clinical discussions devoted to latest breakthroughs in treatment, translational R&D, drug development and clinical trials in neurological disorders, including AD. M. Windisch from NSC is co-organizer of AD/PD conferences and he will facilitate interactions. This joint conference will also get the excellent support from the European Society for Neurochemistry (ESN); Gozes (ESN Secretary) at TAU will manage this event supported by UHK and NSC.