Home institution: Santiago de Compostela University – Spain (24 months)

Host institution: Tel Aviv University - Israel (10 months)

PhD Enrolment #1: Santiago de Compostela University – Spain

PhD Enrolment #2: Tel Aviv University – Israel

Supervisor #1: Maria José Alonso

Supervisor #2: Illana Gozes

Intersectoral Secondment: Alnylam Pharmaceuticals – USA

Objectives: The Laboratory of Prof. Alonso (https://www.usc.gal/grupos/mjalonsolab/) at the CIMUS Research Institute, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain, is looking to appoint a Marie Curie Research Fellow within a fixed term project entitled “Nanocarriers for anti-Alzheimer siRNAs delivery to the brain”, funded by the Horizon Europe project TClock4AD.

The doctoral candidate will work for two years in Spain (Santiago de Compostela University) and for 10 months in Israel (University of Tel Aviv) and will be involved in a 2-month secondment to a American company (Alnylam Pharmaceuticals).

The major objective of DC6 will be to engineer nanocarriers intended to enhance anti-Alzheimer siRNAs delivery to the brain considering the effect of CC dysfunction. Two different approaches will be followed: i) design of nanocarriers to facilitate the penetration of drugs across the BBB, intended for intravenous administration, and ii) direct nose-to-brain (N-to-B) drug delivery, bypassing the BBB trough the olfactory epithelium. To achieve these objectives, DC will prepare a siRNA during his/her secondment in a biotech company. This DC will work closely with DC7 from University of Tel-Aviv for the in vitro and in vivo evaluation of the selected nanomedicine candidates.

Expected outcomes: The fellow is expected to generate breakthrough ideas in the assigned area of research, as well as to carry out research in line with the project plan. The fellow is also expected to contribute to dissemination and communication activities, besides actively collaborating within the TClock4AD network. This doctoral candidate will work closely with consortium partners at University of Tel-Aviv (Israel) and a Biotech company.