Home institution: Ghent University – Belgium (24 months)

Host institution: Bologna University – Italy (10 months)

PhD Enrolment #1: Ghent University – Belgium

PhD Enrolment #2: Bologna University – Italy

Supervisor #1: Mirjam Knockaert

Supervisor #2: Paolo Blasi

Intersectoral Secondment: Neuroscios – Austria

Objectives: The Innovation & Entrepreneurship Research group at Ghent University (Faculty of Economics and Business Administration) is looking to appoint a Marie Curie Research Fellow within a fixed term project entitled “Technology-tailored commercialization of drug development for AD”, funded by the Horizon Europe project TClock4AD. The doctoral candidate will work for two years in Belgium (Ghent University) and 10 months in Italy (University of Bologna) and will be involved in a secondment to an Austrian company (NeuroScios Ltd) for 2 months. The contract will be for 1+2 years, potentially extendable with another 6 months.

In the TClock4AD project, 16 doctoral students will engage in technological developments and identification of drug candidates against Alzheimer disease. The goal of this doctoral student will be to study how radical innovations and drug development in medicine can be optimally brought to market. Furthermore, innovative business models and financing structures that enhance market introduction will be considered. As such, the doctoral project engaged in by this doctoral student requires both interest and/or knowledge of technical aspects of drug development, in combination with business economics.

Expected outcomes: The fellow will work on a doctoral project, which is supposed to result in a double doctoral degree (one from Ghent University, Belgium, and one from University of Bologna, Italy). The fellow is expected to investigate how radical innovations in medicine, and particularly those developed in the project by the fellows working on the technical work packages, can be optimally brought to market (i.e., the identification of facilitators and hindrances, and the development of new business models and financing mechanisms in order to overcome hindrances). The fellow is also expected to contribute to dissemination and communication activities, besides actively collaborating within the TClock4AD network.