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Hello! That's almost all members of our group in July 2018 in front of the old Physics Building.

Prof. Beatrice Fraboni


Prof. Daniela Cavalcoli


Dr. Tobias Cramer (Assist. Prof.)


Dr. Laura Basiricò


Dr. Andrea Ciavatti


Dr. Ferdinand Lédée

Francesco Decataldo

Project: Bioelectronic sensors based on conducting nano-composites

Technical Assistance

Dr. Maria Calienni



Ilaria Fratelli

PhD project: Novel materials and devices for the detection of high energy radiation

Luca Possanzini

PhD-project: Mechanical and biochemical sensors based on organic polymers and wearable electronic applications

Giovanni Armaroli

PhD Thesis: "Characterization of defective states in hybrid Perovskite thin films for radiation sensor applications"

Matteo Verdi

PhD Thesis: Characterization and development of novel flexible thin-film  ionizing radiation detectors based on hybrid materials

Luca Bondi

PhD-Thesis: Organic semiconductor electrolyte interfaces for bioelectronics

Visiting Scholars

Jaime José Dolado Fernández

PhD student Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Thesis Project: Synthesis and characterization of optical and electronic properties of micro- and nanostructures based on zinc germanate

Gabriela Kazimiera Warden

Visiting Master Student from Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Master Students

Federico Bertolucci

Thesis: "Elastic Properties and Persistence Length of Electrospun Nanofibers"

Leo Davide Torchia

Master-Thesis: "Radiation sensitive oxide thin film transistors as novel microelectronic dosimeters"

in collaboration with Prof. Pedro Barquinha, UNINOVA, Lissbon, Portugal.

Pierpaolo Vecchi

Thesis: "Defect analysis in directionally solidified multicrystalline silicon"

Matilde Lini

Thesis: "Fabrication and characterization of perovskite – based optoelectronic devices"

Currently Erasmus Student at University of Konstanz

Francesco Maccaferri

Thesis: "Fabrication and characterization of novel organic thin films for flexible radiation detectors"

Filippo Bonafè

Thesis: "Conducting polymers for bioelectronic flexible microelectrode arrays"

ALUMNI and former visiting scholars


  • Prof. Bianchi Mendez (2019), Visiting Professor, Madrid University, Spain 
  • William Serrano Garcia (2019),Visiting PhD student, University of South Florida, USA
  • Marta Tessarolo (2019), Post-Doc, now Knowledge Transfer Office, University of Bologna
  • Armando Consiglio (2019), Master Student now PhD at Bari University, Italy
  • Sofia Libraio (2019), Master Student, now PhD at Lausanne University, France
  • Francesco Mariotti (2019), Master Student now R&D at CEI, Skan-X Radiology Devices S.p.A. Bologna, Italy
  • Mario Caserta (2019), Master Student 
  • Thangaprakasam Brito (2019), Visiting Student, Sorbonne University, Paris, France
  • Gabriel Moran (2019), Visiting Student, Surrey, UK
  • Raphael Eychenne (2019), Visiting Student, Paris, France
  • Damia Mawad (2018), Visiting Professor, Melbourne University, Australia
  • Tommaso Paltrinieri (2019), Master Student
  • Ines Temiño (2018), Visiting PhD Student, Barcelona University UAB, Spain
  • Maryam Amiri (2018), Visiting Student, Tabrizu University, Iran
  • Zoe Bertherat-Dentone, (2018), Visiting Student, University Grenoble, France
  • Maria Antonietta Fazio (2018), PhD student
  • Maria Pereira (2018), visiting student, UNINOVA, Lissbon University, Portugal
  • Eoghan Vaughan (2017) visiting PhD-student, University of Dublin, Ireland.
  • Sara Iaconianni (2017), former Master-student, now CRIF, Information Technology and Services, Bologna, Italy
  • Jacopo Gasparetto (2017), former Master-student, now Research Fellow at CNR, Bologna, Italy
  • Leonardo Rossi (2017), former Master-student, now PhD-student at CNR, Bologna, Italy
  • Giovanni Piacentini (2017), former Postdoc
  • Alberto bartolucci (2016), former Master-student, now Magnetic and Circuit Engineer at Electrolux, Pesaro, Italy
  • Margherita Sola (2016), former Master-student, now Package Engineer at Tetra Pak, Modena, Italy
  • Hanae Yaskawa (2016), visiting student from Wellesley College, USA.
  • Marco Carroli (2016) - former Master-student, now PhD-student University Strassbourg, France
  • Adriaan Van Der Feltz (2015-2016), visiting student from Utrecht University, Netherlands
  • Marco Marzocchi (2013-2016) - former PhD-student, now Sacmi, Imola, Italy
  • Allegra Sacchetti (2015) - former Master-student, now Solvay, Lissabon, Portugal
  • Martina Perani (2011-2014), former PhD-student, now FFHS Regensdorf, Zürich, Switzerland
  • Geeta Mutta (2013-2014), former Postdoc, now Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Schottland
  • Alberto Basile (2012-2014), former Postdoc, now school teacher, Bari, Italy
  • Saurabh Pandey (2010-2013), former PhD-student, Nexperia, Manchester, England
  • Albert Minj (2009-2012), former PhD-student, now CNRS, Cimap Ensicaen, France