In-vitro recording and stimulation

In our workshop we prepare electric multiwell plates that allow us to culture cells on electrically contacted surfaces. Such surfaces can for example contain organic electrochemical transistors or microelectrodes. Depending on the kind of experiment to be performed, the multiwell plate is connected to electronic equipment that allows fast multiplexing between different contacts and recording or stimulation protocolls. The setup is suited to be operated over long periods also in an incubator. It is also adaptable ro common optical microscopes in inverted or normal geometry to observe cells while electronic experiments are performed.

Wireless biopotential recordings

With support from Data Science International and Davide Martelli from the Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences we setup an in-vivo experiment to record bioelectronic signals. The setup features small battery operated differential amplifiers from DSI-electronics that submit their signals wireless to a reciever. A magnetic field is used to switch on and off the differential amplifiers. The input leads of the amplifier are connected to the stretchable electrodes fabricated in our lab. With this system we can record ECG, EMG or peripheral nerve signals in telemetry over long periods of time. 


Beatrice Fraboni

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Tobias Cramer

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