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Are you interested in participating in a research project for your master or PhD thesis?

If you are interested in our research topics as described here, then contact us if you are looking for a proposal for a master or PhD thesis. We are always involved in different research activies and we have many open questions and research ideas that could be addressed in an independent research work conducted by you. To work with us, you need a background in experimental material science or applied physics and a passion for creative problem solving. 

Depending on your interests and preferences you could contact:

  • Ionizing Radiation Sensors
  • Nanomaterials for Bioelectronics
  • Smart Electronic Textiles

  • Nanostructured Materials for Photovoltaics
  • Low Dimensional III-Nitride Alloys for High Frequency Electronics

  • Nanomaterials for Bioelectronics
  • Atomic Force Microscopy

  • Innovative Materials for Ionizing Radiation Detection
  • Organic and Flexible Electronics


Beatrice Fraboni

Ionizing Radiation Sensors, Nanomaterials for Bioelectronics, Smart Electronic Textiles

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Daniela Cavalcoli

Nanostructured Materials for Photovoltaics; Low Dimensional III-Nitride Alloys for High Frequency Electronics

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Tobias Cramer

Nanostructured Materials for Bioelectronics, Softmatter Physics, Atomic Force Microscopy

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MSc Thesis Proposal: "Innovative organic small molecules for large area, flexible, X-ray detection systems: from device fabrication to sensor characterization."

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