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Are you interested in conducting advanced physics research on perovskite thin films for innovative applications? We are looking for 2 motivated and skilled post-doctoral researchers!

Description of Research Activity:

The Post-doc positions research activity will be carried out in the framework of a European POR-FESR Project “Flexible, large-area patches for real-time detection of ionizing radiation, FORTRESS” (4 partners, coordinated by the UNIBO Research group). The FORTRESS research activity stems for a recent EU project coordinated by the UNIBO research group and is focused on the development of ionizing radiation detectors based on perovskite thin films for applications in real-time control and risk reduction associated with medical diagnostics and radiotherapy treatments. Recently, solution-processed organic and hybrid semiconductors have attracted a great deal of attention for the development of optoelectronic devices, such as solar cells and ionizing radiation sensors [1-4]. Notwithstanding these encouraging results in applications, perovskites still suffer from stability problems when used as transport layer in thin film solar cells, and one of the possible causes of the stability issue should be found in defect states [5,6].

POSITION 1: The research activity is focused on monitoring defect states and compositional changes of perovskite thin layers. The analyses will be carried out by electrical and optical characterization methods (temperature dependent current-voltage and capacitance voltage analyses), charge spectroscopy techniques (Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy, Photo induced transient spectroscopy) and Surface Photovoltage Spectroscopy. This study will focus on the investigation of the correlation between the defect states and the electrical performance of the semiconductor, which is related to the performance of the final devices

CONTACT: Prof. Daniela Cavalcoli:

POSITION 2: The research activity is focused on the electrical characterization of the transport properties of perovskite thin film transistors used as ionizing radiation detectors. Optoelectronic study of the radiation effects on the thin film, on the interfaces and on the device performance. Expertise on modelling charge
generation, transport and collection in perovskite thin films and/or device would be of interest. The results obtained will be fundamental for the overall understanding of physics of thin film perovskites, as well as for the development of advanced perovskites radiation sensors.

CONTACT: Prof. Beatrice Fraboni:


Applications are invited from, physicists, engineers, material scientists, nanotechnologists and chemists with expertise in perovskites thin film and defect studies, seeking to work in this exciting field for these 2-year research projects.
The call for applications is at :; follow: “Filtra per Dipartimento” and select: “Centro interdipartimentale di ricerca industriale meccanica avanzata e materiali”
We encourage interested applicants to send the CV and get in touch for more information.

Time line:

Applications welcome until the positions will be filled
Expected start: from 1st July 2019 till 1st October 2019


1. European Project “i-FLEXIS integrated flexible photonic sensor system”
2. L. Basiricò, A. Ciavatti, T. Cramer, P. Cosseddu, A. Bonfiglio, B. Fraboni, “Direct X-ray photoconversion in Flexible Organic Thin Film Devices Operated Below 1 V”, Nature Communication, 7, 13063, DOI: 10.1038/ncomms13063 (2016)
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5. Sung Heo, Gabseok Seo, Yonghui Lee,c, Dongwook Lee, Minsu Seol, Jooho Lee, Jong-Bong Park, Kihong Kim, Dong-Jin Yun, Yong Su Kim, Jai Kwang Shin, Tae Kyu Ahn and Mohammad Khaja Nazeeruddin, “Deep level trapped defect analysis in CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite solar cells by deep level transient spectroscopy” Energy Environ. Sci., 10, 1128, (2017).
6. Sung Heo Gabseok Seo Yonghui Lee Minsu Seol Seong Heon Kim Dong‐Jin Yun Yongsu Kim Kihong Kim Junho Lee Jooho Lee, Woo Sung Jeon Jai Kwang Shin Jucheol Park Dongwook Lee Mohammad Khaja Nazeeruddin; “Origins of High Performance and Degradation in the Mixed Perovskite Solar Cells” Adv Mater. 2019.



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