Nano- and microelectronic characterization

We are experts in low signal AC and DC electrical characterizations. Our laboratory is equipped with a probestation and all the necessary electronic instrumentation to characterize nano- and microelectronic devices with signal levels down to the femto-Amper and nano-Volt range. This allows us to determine characteristic electrical parameters such as trasport mobilities, interfacial capacitances, threshold voltages and many more with high precision. 

Featuring: Thin Film Transistor Characterizations

Thin film transistors (TFT) are the basic microelectronic component of integrated circuits. For us physicists they are also a versatile test device to characterize transport properties in novel semiconducting materials. The field effect is exploited in TFT to introduce a well quantified amount of free charge cariers. The DC current across the semiconducting channel then provides information about how fast these carriers move and other material specific parameters. Our electronic instrumentation permits the precise measurement of the related electronic signals. The figure to the left features as an example the characterization of an amorphous oxide semiconductor based TFT fabricated at the University of Lissbon in Protugal. Micromanipulator probes are used to connect the TFT electrically to our measurement instrumentation. The  DC current measurements then reveal optimal TFT behaviour with a steep transition between on/off range, low off- currents in the range of a few pico-amperes and a high mobility of 19 cm2/Vs.

Recent articles featuring Nano- and Microelectronic Characterizations performed in our lab:

Cramer, Tobias; Sacchetti, Allegra; Lobato, Maria Teresa; Barquinha, Pedro; Fischer, Vincent; Benwadih, Mohamed; Bablet, Jacqueline; Fortunato, Elvira; Martins, Rodrigo; Fraboni, Beatrice, Radiation-Tolerant Flexible Large-Area Electronics Based on Oxide Semiconductors, «ADVANCED ELECTRONIC MATERIALS», 2016, 2, pp. 1 - 8

T. Cramer; A. Kyndiah; A. Kloes; M. Murgia; B. Fraboni; F. Biscarini, Charge density increase in submonolayer organic field-effect transistors, «PHYSICAL REVIEW. B, CONDENSED MATTER AND MATERIALS PHYSICS», 2015, 91, pp. 1 - 7


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