Irnerio Residence Regulations

Students who join the Collegio Superiore are entitled to accommodation at the Irnerio Residence, located at Piazza Vittorio Puntoni 1. Students have at their disposal: a study room, wi-fi internet service, 24h concierge service, gym and other common areas, and a coin-operated laundry service.

Moving in and moving out
New students are normally admitted from the first half of October.
All residents must provide:

  • a valid identification document;
  • receipt of payment of the € 250 non interest-bearing security deposit;
  • a declaration that they have no outstanding debts with the Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna or ER.GO, and have not had their accommodation revoked for disciplinary reasons.

Collegiate students who complete their studies at the Collegio must normally check out by 27 September, at the end of the last academic year, regardless of the graduation session.

Absences of more than five days
Collegiates are required to report absences of more than five days - including Christmas holidays and the summer break - with at least one week's notice. For organisational and management reasons, absences of more than five days are possible up to a maximum of three times in one academic year (summer break and Christmas holidays do not count).

Absences of more than two months
Any collegiate absent for more than two months must vacate the accommodation and remove their personal effects. The period of absence shall be calculated on the basis of the period indicated in the Mobility Agreement, and returning for a few days shall not interrupt the period of absence. Notice must be given at least two months before departure.

In both cases, the student must provide notification of their absence by sending the form "Communication of absence from the Residence" to the Collegio Secretariat and to the porter's office.