Bodies and Committees

The Collegio Superiore is part of the Institute of Superior Studies.

The Dean is appointed by the Rector of the University of Bologna, chosen from the university’s researchers and professors.

The Scientific Board is composed of the Dean, the active Tutors, the Curricula Coordinators and the Collegiate students' representatives.



Professor Beatrice Fraboni
Department of Physics and Astronomy "Augusto Righi" -  DIFA
Viale Berti Pichat 6/2, Bologna

tel. +39 051 20 9 5806

Student Representatives

Shivani Singh – Technical-Scientific Area
Tommaso Malpensa – Humanistic-Economic Area


Instructional Committee for the selections for admission to the Collegio Superiore
Dean of the Collegio Superiore
Prof. Alessandro Iannucci (DBC)
Prof. Maria Laura Bolognesi (FABIT)

Didactic Committee of the Collegio Superiore
Dean of the Collegio Superiore
Prof. Elena Argentesi (DSE)
Prof. Annarita Angelini (DAR)
Prof. Camillo Neri (FICLIT)
Prof. Giovanna Cenacchi (DIBINEM)
Prof. Giorgio Olmi (DIN)
Prof. Matteo Cerri (DIBINEM)

Joint Committee "Orientation and Promotion"
Prof. Giuseppina Brunetti (FICLIT)
Prof. Samuele Sanna (DIFA)

Collegiate students:
Filippo Coccia
Giovanni Zotti

Joint Committee "Exchanges and Mobility"
Prof. Ivan Rivalta (CHIMID)
Prof. Laura Sartori (SPS)

Collegiate students:
Lorenzo Lo Cascio
Lorenzo Ciaffi