Benefits and exemptions

All Collegio Superiore students benefit from exemptions.

Academic Year 2023/24

In the academic year 2022/23 the benefits for students admitted to the Collegio Superiore are pending approval.

Academic Year 2022/23

In the academic year 2022/23 all students admitted to Collegio Superiore benefit from the following exemptions:

  • Financial support and partial coverage of living costs  (2,650.00 Euros)
  • Exemption from the university tuition fees (with the exception of insurance costs, stamp duty and regional tax)
  • Accommodation and related services offered within the Irnerio Residency of the Collegio Superiore
  • Tutoring offered by high-profile professors of the University of Bologna, specifically related to the subject area of each collegiate
  • Interdisciplinary education with courses and lectures that are integrative and parallel to the university career
  • National and international exchanges with other institutes of excellence
  • Active participation in the promotion and organisation of extra-curricular cultural activities