Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the sixth archaeological campaign saw only a small group of Albanian researchers and students working directly on site in order to continue the topographical and photographic survey of the monuments of the city. On the other hand, the Italian side of the Team focused mostly on the processing of the data acquired in the previous years and on the research and acquisition of the historical cartography and aerial photographies of the area.

This forced separation from the ancient city has brought the decision of giving new incentives towards the communication of the activities of the Butrint Project. That is how this website and the social networks account were born, along with a long and productive series of webinar meetings in collaboration with the University of Macerata and the Italian Embassy in Tirana. 

In the last months of the year, a great rediscovery brought to light the 1930s paper squeezes of the Inscriptions of the Theatre, which are currently being studied by professor Simona Antolini from the University of Macerata.