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Summer School

We Tell Summer School focuses on the art and practice of performative storytelling to promote civic awareness among European and international students living in a hyper-technological but unequal environment. It is open to University students who:

• Want to discover how every medium creates different messages

• Want to experience how the same story can trigger different effects depending also on its communicative technicalities 

• Want to discover how stories change our communities, our surroundings and us 

• Want to learn to construct compelling and sustainable storytelling

• Want to explore practices of horizontal knowledge addressing global citizenship

• Are curious about different but complementary teaching pedagogies, tools, environments

• Want to share an educational experience

What is WeTell Summer School?

Introducing 2nd edition of WETELL, A UTRECHT NETWORK SUMMER SCHOOL. Innovating Storytelling to Address Civic Awareness in the Post-digital Age.

WeTell is for students in Literary studies, ICT, Arts and Performing Arts, Education, Graphic Design/Architecture, History, Languages and Linguistics, Media/Communication, Cultural Studies, Sociology, Life & Cognitive Sciences … and many more!

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