WeTell consolidates a team of experts leading new educational practices at a time witnessing the shifting role of higher education in Europe, as well as in the rest of the world. This project helps us to question our own educational/operative practices and to welcome new strategies to raise awareness of social engagement and intercultural strategies within each partner institution, in turn fostering a major impact in forging more inclusive, just and tolerant societies. 


WeTell improves the operative dialogue between different domains, and in particular between the humanities at large and applied technology/sciences, as the study of performative storytelling applied to social engagement requires a series of transversal skills and expertise. 

WeTell connects higher education with the broader society, to share open environments to implement digital and transformative pedagogy to promote and sustain youth-led initiatives.


WeTell gives strength to the democratic relations among the actors in the teaching-learning process. Storytelling leads to a democratic and empathy approach, considering the relevance of different types of knowledge (academic, social, cultural, professional). 


WeTell provides not only technological tools for the innovative use of storytelling to address civic awareness in the post-digital age, but also the theoretical basis for such use. Therefore, WeTell encourages new and original ways to be engaged citizens, both as teachers, professionals and students, opening up the theory of storytelling to a variety of forms of communication, including inter-media art, visual arts, graphic design, social media, ICTs, etc.