WeTell Hub is an international hub established to design, develop and disseminate innovative teaching methodologies that aim to consolidate new transversal competences, with particular reference to inclusion, diversity, mobility and change (GCE) in relation to Storytelling and Civic Awareness.


This hub consolidates an international, complementary co-operation network creating not only highly innovative educational content, but also guidelines and good practices of internationalization (memoranda of understanding) to develop innovative teaching paths on so-called ‘sensitive’ topics.

WeTell Hub pursues three main goals:

1) operational goal: building integrated topic units on ‘Storytelling and civic awareness’;

2) methodological goal: outlining a path of good shared practices and guidelines which may be useful to design transversal competencies on sensitive topics (social inclusion, civic awareness, mobility, and so on);

3) structural goal: consolidating an international hub, led by LILEC (Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures, University of Bologna) in co-operation with DISI(Department of Engineering and Science), which may become a reference point for other institutions interested in developing integrated educational paths within transversal competences (Global Citizenship Education).

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