Media Ecology for Life Quality Series

The Media Ecology for Life Quality is an international lectures series established in 2016 on the occasion of the 17° Annual Convention of the Media Ecology Association (MEA), hosted in Bologna and promoted by the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures, the Department of History, Civilization and Cultures, and the Department for Life Quality Studies, in synergy with the MEA network and the Professional Master Programme in Historical Communication of the Alma Mater.


Primary goal of these annual meetings is to disseminate in Europe interdisciplinary studies above the media as complex environments. Deeply rooted in the humanities, Media Ecology includes also technological and scientific disciplines to better understand the various dynamics underpinning our evolving environment, as well as the individuals who inhabit it.

Annual Lectures

2018 – KENNETH GOLDSMITH, Poet and Writer, (USA), “Let’s Get Lost: Sleepwalkers, Zombies, and Flâneurs in the Digital Age”.

2017 – LILIE CHOULIARAKI, Professor of Media and Communications at Department of Media and Communications of London School of Economics (UK), “How We Became Ironic Spectators. Solidarity, Life Styles, Post-humanitarianism”.

2016 – LUCA DE BIASE, Writer and journalist (Italy), “A Few Comments on Fact Checking”