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  • CREATIVE AWARENESS: Do you believe your ideas have potential but you don’t know how to communicate them and capitalize on them?

  • JOIN US: Do you want to discover the potentialities of storytelling as an empowering tool?

  • SHARE YOUR VISION: Do you think you could bring a contribution to the community with your passions, your dreams and your visions?


Due to Covid-19 emergency and the international travel restrictions WeTell School 2020 will run online. WeTell School turns the emergency into AN OPPORTUNITY to explore new interactive forms of sharing and exploring knowledge and realities through storytelling. Our program has been reorganized along FOUR WEEKS, starting from November 2nd. We have adjusted our timetable to the new habitat, shifting the idea of INTENSIVE from GEOLOCATED SPACE to QUALITY TIME. Originally conceived as an intensive and immersive experience in Bologna, WeTell 2020 is now rethought as an online experience combining LIVE SESSIONS and GUIDED SELF-LEARNING. The intent is to customize our learning path and accommodate different needs, also depending on a series of environmental factors that are still difficult to predict. Have a look at our program and timeline!

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The University of Bologna shows solidarity with Patrick and strongly demands that he can return to attend his classes at the University of Bologna as soon as possible. In the meantime, the University has opened an email account for those who wish to write to Patrick, to let him know that we are not leaving him alone. The email address is FORPATRICK@UNIBO.IT. Francesco Ubertini, rector of the University of Bologna, said: "writing can be an excellent tool of resistance against the violation of essential rights, as well as a way of creating a bond and reducing distances". Let's make our voices heard!

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Volume IV of the international journal Philology presents a section that explores the aims and goals of the WeTell project and reflects upon the summer school experience.

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