Credits & Learning Outcomes

WeTell Summer School runs for four weeks and releases 4 CFU-ECTS.

You will:  

  • Become aware of the potentialities of storytelling as an EMPOWERING TOOL
  • Learn to listen to and engage with OTHER PEOPLE’S VALUES AND BELIEFS
  • Discuss strategies to properly convey and channel YOUR ORIGINAL IDEAS
  • Discuss strategies to DETECT POISONOUS STORYTELLING (e.g. stereotypes, fake news, etc.)
  • Question yourself as a CONSCIOUS AND ACTIVE citizen

In addition, you will

  • Acquire a sound knowledge of the STRUCTURES AND RULES OF STORYTELLING, both through TRADITIONAL AND DIGITAL MEDIA 
  • Understand how different FORMS OF COMMUNICATION can AFFECT the ACT OF TELLING and the CONTENTS conveyed
  • Learn to perform a SUCCESSFUL AND SUSTAINABLE STORYTELLING through traditional and digital media
  • Learn to tell “good” and “bad” storytelling apart
  • Learn to deal with social, technological and cultural complexity WITHOUT FEARING IT
  • Learn to create your own storytelling, based on your own values and beliefs in dialogue with those of the broader community

WeTell Summer School on Performative Storytelling facilitates the acquisition of knowledge and skills that are more and more required by a variety of professions including:

  • Healthcare and social services
  • Higher Education/Education
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Media and advertising
  • General Management
  • Management of Human Resources
  • Public Institutions, NGO, think tanks
  • Politics, diplomacy, sustainable policy-making
  • Crisis and conflict management
  • International and supranational organizations