Where and When

The WeTell summer school will run from

November 2nd to November 30th 2020 online!


Due to Covid-19 emergency and the international travel restrictions, WeTell School 2020 will run online.

However, because many other activities are now running online, WeTell School will compensate between onlife (your online life) and offlife (your life in the real world): students will participate in one main online class per week (on Monday), followed by self-learning sessions (customised) and interactive webinars (once/twice per week). At the same time, students will be asked to explore their local realities (offlife) and share their experiences through their customised final storytelling project (onlife).

Online and offline are in fact two faces of the same educational environment. WeTell helps students to appreciate and interplay with the different sides of our 21st century multifaced habitat and use language to navigate both mediascapes and realscapes.  

Weekly commitment: two-hour seminar (Monday); 2 to 4 hours webinars; on/offline self-learning (customized); project preparation (customized). In fact, each student will decide how much time they want to dedicate to further explorations, based on their interest, time and life commitments. WeTell teaching team will help each student to customize their work.  


On Monday, November 2nd, 9th and 16th a team of professors will host the weekly online seminar to explore various nuances of performative storytelling and civic awareness. The seminars will run from 3.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. EDT. You can find the detailed program here.

Each week, the students will have access to learning materials to further investigate the weekly themes at their own convenience. In addition, each week WeTell will offer an interactive webinar to playfully explore performative storytelling to empower civic citizenship.

The week November 23-27 is dedicated to three webinars with special guests to help students finalise their own projects on storytelling and civic awareness. In due course, the program is available here. 

On Monday, November 30th, the school will close with a Special Event: MEDIA ECOLOGY FOR LIFE QUALITY LECTURE – 4th Edition (details here), followed by the online DIPLOMA CEREMONY.