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The 2019 edition of WeTell Summer School focuses on the idea of DISSENT to enact civic awareness through storytelling.


We consider dissent as a LIBERTARIAN AND RESPONSIBLE PRACTICE to become active citizens, not as a populistic or nihilistic attitude.


Conscious dissent turns us from IRONIC SPECTATORS to ACTIVE THINKERS.


Conscious dissent is a SOCIAL DEVICE that relates to CIVIC RESPONSIBILITY, to act through language upon a variety of discourses employed by institutions, agencies of power, corporations.

Program overview


Focus on the notion of DISSENT as an ACTIVE PRACTICE OF COMMUNICATION that implies awareness of different perspectives and goals.

You will learn to experience, conceptualize, express and mediate different modes and forms of dissent through seminars, workshops, city activities, fieldwork and more.


Students will work together to realize projects on dissent to create counter-environment unmasking more or less visible seductive forms of storytelling employed by institutions, agencies of power, communities and corporations to turn citizens into passive audiences.

The detailed program WeTell Summer School program will be available soon.

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