Our innovative businesses: start-ups and spin-offs


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Startup which aims at developing microbe-based product for waste treatment and exploitation.

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Development, production, and marketing of high technological value products and services based on bio- and nano-technologies.

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Refresh Academy

A social business offering training for people who want to pursue a career in the ICT sector based on the values of diversity, inclusion and integration. Founded in 2024

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Born from the desire to innovate the most influential industrial sectors such as the automotive, rail, naval and aerospace sectors with modern technologies

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Sea the Change

Sea the Change srl helps companies to reach their sustainability goals while investing in marine ecosystem protection.

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AdapTronics’ electroadhesive technology unlocks unprecedented grasping capabilities for sustainable Earth+Space logistics. Founded in 2022


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Turtle offers the IT software ViVACE.

Studium Genetics

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Studium Genetics Srl

Studium Genetics is a molecular diagnostics company focused on precision medicine.

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Aquaponic Design

Planning, construction, and management of soil-free cultivation systems, focusing particularly on aquaponic systems.


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AlmaPlasma Srl

Company founded in 2013


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BitNomos Srl

Company founded in 2018

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We create "serious games" (i.e. games developed for learning purposes) with the aim of helping students with specific learning diseases achieve better results at school and in their private life