AlmaPlasma Srl

Company founded in 2013


Principal prof. Vittorio Colombo

Business core

Design and development of plasma sources and processes for industrial applications.
AlmaPlasma designs and markets various atmospheric pressure non-thermal plasma sources for either large area and localized treatments. AlmaPlasma also adapts existing plasma sources (e.g. scale-up or miniaturization) and develops new plasma sources optimized for specific processes.
AlmaPlasma provides modelling and process scaling-up services, as well as design of components and sources.

Reference industrial sector

Packaging and manufacturing; biomedical; dangerous waste.

Products and/or services

Non-thermal plasmas; thermal plasmas; diagnostic services, process optimization and consulting.

Registered office and headquarter

Viale del Risorgimento 2, 40136 Bologna


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Vittorio Colombo 
phone +39 320 4379910

Matteo Gherardi 
phone +39 331 1722542