Judicial cooperation in criminal matters and mutual recognition models in the EU still need to be fully harmonized across Member States. There is a gap between EU law and national law, as standards of protection may not have the same substantial meaning in EU law and in domestic jurisdictions. Other factors also hamper the effectiveness of mutual recognition instruments, such as diverging legal traditions, linguistic barriers, or scarce access to other States’ domestic case-law.

Thanks to a multidisciplinary research team in criminal law, IT and legal informatics, FACILEX aims to fill this gap by tailoring legal knowledge to achieve accurate decision-making. It provides a multilevel online platform grounded on a comprehensive comparative legal analysis, focusing on the implementation of EU mutual recognition instruments in different Member States.

The platform will offer: 1) free of charge access to relevant EU and national legislation and case law, and 2) automated advice to legal practitioners on concrete judicial cooperation scenarios.

FACILEX builds on the research findings of the EU-funded CrossJustice project. The platform will develop three functions:

  • LegalDataBase Module
  • Customized Single Test Advisory Module
  • Harmonization Mass Test Advisory Module

Accessing the platform, users will receive a tailored legal assessment on potential cooperation flaws and available remedies, drawing all possible solutions related to the given parameters.

FACILEX represents a valuable tool to streamline EU judicial cooperation in criminal matters. By leveraging all the potential of digital technologies, the project will foster mutual knowledge, communication and ultimately trust among the relevant actors in the Area of Freedom Security and Justice.

FACILEX fully covers the key objectives of the Justice program, strengthening the implementation and application of the acquis on judicial cooperation in criminal matters through the help of digital tools, and not being limited to fact-finding research. FACILEX also represents a useful arena for high-level interaction between legal experts involved in judicial cooperation, who can easily use the platform to increase their technical knowledge as well as their problem-solving skills.

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