FACILEX builds on the research findings of the EU-funded CrossJustice project. CrossJustice delivered an interactive platform supporting practitioners in the identification of EU procedural rights of persons accused or suspected of a crime. The project analysed the implementation of the six EU Directives on criminal procedural rights in nine Member States (Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, The Netherlands), and already highlighted more than 400 gaps in national legislation.

While CrossJustice dealt with harmonization issues mainly in a vertical dimension, FACILEX will do so in a horizontal perspective, studying cooperation flaws in three EU mutual recognition instruments (EAW, EIO, Reg. 1805/2018).

The results of both projects will be integrated into one platform, delivering customized legal assessments on potential cooperation and criminal procedural flaws, as well as available remedies.

In the long run, CrossJustice and FACILEX will bring increased knowledge about legislation and case law in EU criminal matters, strengthen cooperation in cross-border proceedings and stimulate practitioners’ familiarity with digital tools.