Find below the profiles of the Partners of the FACILEX project

Alma Mater Studiorum-Università di Bologna (UNIBO) - Coordinator

Department of Legal Sciences and CIRSFID - ALMA AI

University of Bologna (UNIBO) coordinates the project through both CIRSFID and DSG. CIRSFID is a centre for research on Legal Informatics, legal philosophy and theory. The Legal Department (DSG) has an approach steadily focused on strengthening the legal knowledge of students, scholars and legal professionals. CIRSFID and DSG will ensure to the Coordinator the necessary expertise to integrate the legal with the computer science research, and perform effective oversight.

University of Turin (UNITO) - Beneficiary

Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science of the University of Turin (UNITO) took part in several EU-funded research projects; it is partner of the Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate in Law, Science and Technology, which covers the topics of this project and is already involved in other EU funded projects in Legal-Informatics (e.g., InterLex, EUCases, BO-ECLI, MIREL, CrossJustice, ADELE).

Maastricht University (UM) - Beneficiary

Maastricht Law and Tech Lab

The Maastricht Law and Tech Lab of Maastricht University (UM) is an interdisciplinary research institute with three main research pillars: modelling legal complexity; regulating disruptive technology; and understanding legal issues of data processing and automated decision making. The Institute of Data Science (IDS) of Maastricht University is committed to research in data science and artificial intelligence, collaborating across disciplines, institutions, and sectors.

Apis Europe (APIS) - Beneficiary

Apis Europe AD (APIS) is a private joint-stock company specialised in development, implementation and maintenance of legal information systems. The company produces various products and services related to EU law, such as EuroCases ( and others.

European University Institute (EUI) - Beneficiary

Centre for Judicial Cooperation

The European University Institute–Centre for Judicial Cooperation (EUI-CJC) will play a fundamental role in the project, as one of the official European training providers for legal professionals. Given its broad connection with the main judicial training networks, its role will be to address training activities in the field of judicial cooperation to relevant stakeholders, bridging the gap between legal professionals and the academic community.

University of Wroclaw (UWR) - Beneficiary

The Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics is a Polish leading higher education institution and has a broad experience in participating in international research projects with a specific focus on criminal procedure and cooperation (e.g.; EUPILLAR).

University of Zagreb (UZG) - Beneficiary

Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb is the Croatian leading scientific and teaching institution in the field of legal studies, social work and public administration. It has been recognised as a centre of excellence with well-developed international collaboration, especially active in the field of criminal law.

With the participation of the European Union Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation (EUROJUST)


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