Selected articles published in International Journals (last five years)

Intelligent orientation of parts based on defect prediction in Multi Jet Fusion process.Mele M, Campana G, Monti GL., Progress in Additive Manufacturing. 2021 Jun 20:1-8.

Environmental Impact Assessment of Arburg Plastic Freeforming Additive Manufacturing. Mele M, Campana G, Fumelli G., Sustainable Production and Consumption. 2021 Jun 9.

Experimental investigation into the effect of supports and overhangs on accuracy and roughness in laser powder bed fusion. Mele M, Bergmann A, Campana G, Pilz T. Optics & Laser Technology. 2021 Aug 1;140:107024.

A finned-riser design to avoid the capillarity effect in multi-jet fusion technology, Mele M, Campana G, Monti GL, Rapid Prototyping Journal. 2020 Nov 19.

Modelling of the capillarity effect for cylindrical shapes in Multi Jet Fusion technology, Mele, M., Campana, G. and Monti, G.L., Progress in Additive Manufacturing, pp.1-11, 2021.

Investigation into effects of cooling rate on properties of polyamide 12 parts in the multi jet fusion process, Mele, M., Campana, G., Pisaneschi, G., & Monti, G. L., Rapid Prototyping Journal, October 2020.

An experimental approach to manufacturability assessment of microfluidic devices produced by stereolithography, M. Mele, G. Campana, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science,2020, DOI:

Sustainability-driven multi-objective evolutionary orienting in additive manufacturing, M. Mele, G. Campana, Sustainable Production and Consumption, Volume 23,2020, 138-147,DOI:

A Decision Method to Improve the Sustainability of Post Processing in Multi Jet Fusion Additive Manufacturing, M. Mele, G. Campana, G.L. Monti,Procedia Manufacturing,Volume 43,2020,2-9. DOI:

Sustainable Optimisation of a Carousel for Foundry Processes, G. Campana, M. Mele, B. Cimatti.
Procedia Manufacturing, Volume 43, 2020, 650-657. DOI:

Manufacturing and characterization of hemp‐reinforced epoxy composites, M. del Borrello, M. Mele, G. Campana, M. Secchi, Polymer Composites, 2020, 1–14. DOI:

Life cycle impact assessment of desktop stereolithography, M. Mele, G. Campana, G. D’Avino. Journal of Cleaner Production, Volume 244, 2020, Article number 118743, 1-16. ISSN: 09596526, DOI:

Modelling of the capillarity effect in Multi Jet Fusion technology, M. Mele, G. Campana, G. L. Monti. Additive Manufacturing, Volume 30, 2019, Article number 100879, 1-9. ISSN: 22148604, DOI:

Optimisation of build orientation to achieve minimum environmental impact in Stereo-lithography, M. Mele, G. Campana, F. Lenzi, B. Cimatti. Procedia Manufacturing, Volume 33, 2019, 145-152. ISSN: 23519789, DOI:

About the use of mineral and vegetable oils to improve the sustainability of steel quenching, F. Lenzi, G. Campana, A. Lopatriello, M. Mele, A. Zanotti. Procedia Manufacturing, Volume 33, 2019, 701-708. DOI:

Benchmarking the sustainable manufacturing paradigm via automatic analysis and clustering of scientific literature: A perspective from Italian technologists, M. Dassisti, F. Chiarello, G. Fantoni, P. C. Priarone, G. Ingarao, G. Campana, A. Matta, B. Cimatti, M. Colledani, N. Frigerio, A. Forcellese, M. Simoncini. Procedia Manufacturing, Volume 33, 2019, 153-159. DOI:

A Life Cycle Assessment Framework for Stereolithography, M. Mele, G. Campana, G. D’Avino. Capitolo del libro Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, Volume 155, 2019, 91-100, Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, P. Ball et al. (eds.), ISBN 978-981-13-9271-9. 6th Int. Conf. on SDM (Sustainable Design and Manufacturing) 2019, Budapest; Hungary, 04-05/06/2019. DOI

A practical guideline in the design and use of woodworking tools, C. Fragassa, G. Lucisano, D. Marinkovic, G. Campana. FME Transactions, Volume 47, 2019, 487-495. DOI:

Prediction of Kansei engineering features for bottle design by a Knowledge Based System, M. Mele, G. Campana. International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing, Volume 12, Issue 4, 2018, 1201-1210. ISSN: 19552513, DOI:

An application to Stereolithography of a feature recognition algorithm for manufacturability evaluation, G. Campana, M. Mele. Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, 2018, 1-16. ISSN: 09565515, DOI:

Competences Mapping as a Tool to increase Sustainability of Manufacturing Enterprises, F. Melosi, G. Campana, B. Cimatti. Procedia Manufacturing, Volume 21, 2018, 806-813. DOI:

An enhanced Sustainable Approach for Design and Manufacturing with an Application to Fuselages for mono-seat civil Sailplanes, G. Campana, M. Mele, B. Cimatti. International Journal of Sustainable Engineering, Volume 10, Issue 4-5, 2017, 215-225. ISSN: 19397038, DOI:

Laser transmission welding of polylactide to aluminium thin films for applications in the food-packaging industry, N. Pagano, G. Campana, M. Fiorini, R. Morelli. Journal of Optics & Laser Technology 91, 2017, 80-84. ISSN: 00303992, DOI:

Eco Design and Sustainable Manufacturing in Fashion: a Case Study in the Luxury Personal Accessories Industry, B. Cimatti, G. Campana, L. Carluccio. Procedia Manufacturing, Volume 8, 2017, 393-400. DOI:

Using numerical simulation in the optimization of the finishing phases in ceramic tiles manufacturing”, A. Radovanovic, M. Mladenovic, G. Campana, M. Mele. Key Engineering Materials, Volume 754 KEM, 2017, 127-130. DOI:

Effect of laser surface treatment on the dry sliding behaviour of the EN- crossmark GJS400-12 ductile cast iron, L. Ceschini, G. Campana, N. Pagano, V. Angelini. Tribology International 104, 2016, 342-351. ISSN: 0301679X, DOI:

A proposal for the evaluation of craftsmanship in industry, G. Campana, B. Cimatti, F. Melosi. Procedia CIRP, Volume 40, 2016, 668-673. DOI:

Laser remelting for enhancing tribological performances of a ductile iron”, N. Pagano, V. Angelini, L. Ceschini, G. Campana. Procedia CIRP, Volume 41, 2016, 987-991. DOI:

Measures and methods for a new taxonomy in manufacturing enterprises, G. Campana, B. Cimatti. Procedia CIRP, Volume 26, 2015, 287-292. DOI:

Comparison between joining technologies for polymeric films, M. Fiorini, G. Campana, N. Pagano, R. Morelli. Procedia CIRP, Volume 33, 2015, 412-417. DOI:

CNC Paths Optimization in Laser Texturing of Free Form Surfaces, L. Orazi, F. Montanari, G. Campana, L. Tomesani, G. Cuccolini. Procedia CIRP, Volume 33, 2015, 440-445. DOI:

Laser interaction with Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymers, N. Pagano, A. Ascari, E. Liverani, L. Donati, G. Campana, A. Fortunato. Procedia CIRP, Volume 33, 2015, 423-427. ISSN: 22128271, DOI:

The value of craftsmanship in manufacturing and related organizational models, B. Cimatti, G. Campana. Int. Journal of Organizational Innovation, Vol. 7 Nr. 4, 2015, 7-16. ISSN 1943-1813.

Selected articles published in International books (last 5 years)

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