Erasmus + Capacity Building key Action

EULA-GTEC is a Latin America and European Consortium dedicated to techology and innovation management

In order to strengthen scientific cooperation and increase the knowledge and technology transfer between EU and LA, the EULA-GTEC project will allow sharing the experience developed in both areas (good practices) and using renewed blended learning tools (methodology and approaches) in particular in the field of technology and innovation management (TIM). The project has the following three main aims:

  • To develop, test, and implement an international pilot experience, run by LA and EU HEIs, based on a master degree for promoting TIM in SMEs, using blended learning instruments.
  • To increase the relevance of LA and EU HEIs in the connection process between research and
    innovation, within a Circular Economy approach.
  • To build a collaborative international network with HEIs, SMEs, technology brokers, R&D centers, local and national authorities, and different actors involved into the innovation process, for designing and implementing the pilot experience.

These aims are convergent into one main unique target of the project, which is:

  • To promote the creation of new academic profiles that allow the generation of creative links between the research centres/universities and the socio-productive sector, and impell innovative sustainable solutions for both regions based on new and/or innovative technologies or solutions.