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The UB Team was founded in 2014 to participate in the "Terra Preta Sanitation System International Competition AWARD", proposed by the Technische Universitaet Berlin (TUB). The UB Team was renewed in 2015 and new developments were proposed. if you are interested in more details, please send a message to the contact email. The CAIMan was founded in 2016 and replaced the UB Team!!!

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UB Team is a University based research group, responsible for a new “blue” waste management. The UB Team participated in the "Terra Preta Sanitation System International Competition AWARD" with a project proposing innovative solutions titled: TERRA PRETA PACKAGING SYSTEM: A NEW “BLUE” WASTE MANAGEMENT.

The mentioned project was presented at the 12th GCSM (Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing) 2014 held in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, 2014, September 23-25.

The proposed innovative system is called Terra Preta Packaging System (TPPS). It creates a loop system among food, excrement and soil closing a “blue” non-polluting cycle and creating value by selling Biochar.

The keys of the TPPS are:
• The Packaging Toilet System (PTS),
• The Handling Service (HS),
• The Green Pyrolysis Area (GPA),
• The Biochar.

The TPPS is based on the use of a PTS that can collect human excrements in compostable single use bags.

UB TEAM for Terra Preta Sanitation System - GCSM Award - UNIBO

GCSM Award - Terra Preta Sanitation System. "An innovative sustainable solution for toilets without water consumption"

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