2015 & 2016

View from the Theater

The year 2015 witnessed the beginning of the Butrint Project, thanks to the collaboration between the University of Bologna, the Archaeological Institute of Tirana and the National park of Butrint. The team focused its work on the terrace upstream of the Theater, where the small Temple dedicated to Asclepius was built in the Hellenistic period and then remodelled many times during the Roman one. Its remains have been the subject of an accurate campaign of study, topographical survey and analysis of the state of conservation. These data allowed to acquire new documentation of the remains, on the basis of photogrammetric surveys and Laser Scanner methodology, but also to complete the acquisition of the surveys and to expand the amount of photographs related to previous researches.

In 2016 it was extended to the whole Sanctuary of Asclepius, which includes the Temple, the Theater, the Shrine/Treasury, and the nearby terraces.