The emplekton of the Walls

The fourth archaeological research and topographical documentation campaign of the Butrint Project took place during the month of June 2018 (03/06/2018 - 24/06/2018). The field research, as per agreements with Albanian colleagues from the Institute of Archeology of Tirana and the Butrint National Park, was divided into four main sections.

The excavation was carried with two limited surveys within the filling (emplekton) of the Hellenistic walls in trapezoidal pseudo-isodome masonry in the stretch between the Forum and the so-called Tower Gate. In this area, the defensive curtain runs for a large stretch in the woods and seems to have been partially shaved in ancient times, bypassed and probably incorporated by the buildings of the city when it expanded beyond the limit of the "Hellenistic walls".

Along with the excavation of this section of the walls, it was carried an operation of critical cleaning of the upper plateau of the Acropolis, in correspondence with the area occupied by the Acropolis Basilica. The aim was to identify and locate what are thought to be the remains of the so-called temple of Athena Polias

As in previous years, the team was also involved with the topographic survey of the Walls in the stretch between the Columbarium, near the Lion's Gate and the North Gate, using Laser Scanner methodology.

Finally, it was believed to be relevant carrying, on the same wall section, a photographic survey and preliminary reading of the walls and mapping of the degradation.