Data acquisition above the Julia Rufina well, inside the Lion Gate

The third archaeological research and topographical documentation campaign of the Butrint Project took place during the month of September 2017 (03/09/2017 - 24/09/2017). The objective of the field research, as per agreements with the Albanian colleagues of the Institute of Archeology of Tirana and the Butrint National Park, was the topographical and photogrammetric survey of different areas of the city, beginning with the wall circuit extending between the Hellenistic Bastion near the Lake Gate (the "Porta Scea", as L. M. Ugolini called it) and the Lion Gate, using the Laser Scanner methodology. The same wall section was also involved in a photographic survey, a preliminary reading of its phases and mapping of the deterioration.

The data concerning the Colombarium placed near the Lion Gate were also collected through this method, along with the preliminary reading of the masonry and the recognition of the main building phases. 

Two other areas of the city were involved in the topographical survey with Laser Scanner methodology: the wall segment close to the so-called Hellenistic House object of recent restorations, and the walls related to the Venetian fortifications of the upper city identified as critical from a structural and static point of view.