Our post-digital society requires new skills to navigate the complexity of a multi-media environment that affects people’s individual/collective identities, as well as their way to inhabit the 21st century realities. Against such a dynamic context, storytelling is a practice that stands in between the mere mapping of a given situation and all ensuing responses, in turn leading to individual/collective engagement.

Cultural phenomena are not based on absolute truths but on given situations that are constructed over time and through language by different individuals within and across nations. Each time, individuals must take side and choose actions, drawing lines based on their personal and collective histories that are, consequently, relative and culturally situated. WeTell explores shared practices to communicate our own narratives of the situations we experience/construct through time, and shared ways to listen to and better understand other people’s perspectives. 


WeTell integrates traditional forms of storytelling with updated intercultural practices and ICT skills, so to conceive it as a performative and responsible device to activate combined intercultural and inter-media experiences of ‘telling/listening’.

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