Kick-off Meeting, Bologna April 8-10 2019

Participants: Elena Lamberti; Francesco Benozzo; Luigi Contadini; Francesco Vitucci; Monica Notari; Valeria Reggi (LILEC, UNIBO); Antonio Corradi, Luca Foschini, Marco Torello (DISI, UNIBO); Kim Sawchuk, Mobile Media Lab (CONCORDIA University); Evan Light, (CRLCC, YORK UNIVERSITY); Gisiela Hasse Klaein (UDESC) and representatives from DIRI, UNIBO.

Location: Bologna, LILEC & DISI, Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna.


  •  Network Confirmation & Organisation. (Steering Committing; Administrative Staff)


  •  Initialization of educational materials. This workshop will allow us to design useful materials for integrated teaching on storytelling applied to civic awareness (thematic foci: responsibility, dissent, vulnerability). This activity will be grounded on operational experiences already in use within different institutions. Thanks to the expertise of the international teachers involved, the workshop will allow us to gather raw material (interviews, white papers) which will be useful to produce educational materials for theoretical follow-up. These materials will be tested on the occasion of the second edition of WeTell Summer School (1-12 July 2019).


  • Methodology seminar: study of good practices and guidelines to build integrated educational paths which promote horizontal competences within GCE, with special focus on internationalization issues of operational protocols (uniformity of practices on these topics within different university systems).


Outputs: tbc.